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tv   FOX 10 News 9pm  FOX  September 9, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm MST

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now at 9:00, sentencing day for the owners of the gilbert boarding facility where nearly two-dozen family pets died. remembering the terrorist attacks of 9/11. we'll speak with a valley woman who still can't shake the memories of that day, 15 years later. >> this was a day when the ugliest parts of humanity, and we saw the greatest parts of humanity. vandals strike a valley ambulance designed to honor our vets, how a local company is stepping in to make things right. plus, will driverless calls make us nicer out on the road? some don't think so. we'll discuss it, coming up in the buzz. good evening, everyone.
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spanned more than two years, and today finally a bit of closure for the owners of the nearly two-dozen dogs that died at a pet boarding facility in gilbert. >> these were members of their family. their dogs died in that very hot summer of 2014 from heat exhaustion, and the owners of the facility are now headed to jail. todd hughes placed in handcuffs in the courtroom just moments 60-day jail sentence. his wife maleisa will also be spending 60 days behind bars beginning in january. nicole garcia joins us live now from the courthouse. nicole? >> yes, this has been a long time coming. earlier this year the hughes took a plea deal, pleading guilty to animal cruelty and fraud charges, 23 days in jail
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harsher punishment, nearly tripling the jail time, along with 230 hours of community service. justice handed down for nearly two-dozen dogs who died one hot summer night while they were boarded at the green acres facility in gilbert. they weren't just pets. they were family members and best friends. several victims spoke of their losses during the sentencing piraza has asperger's syndrome and is still mourning the loss of his dog. >> i have trouble focusing in my school. my grades dropped. i don't want to talk to anyone. all i can think about was -- was my brother, coda. >> the judge took his testimony
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children, completely dependent on their caregivers. >> what i see here is that the hughes violated that trust and that responsibility when they took on these dogs under the circumstances that they presented to the dogs owners, and then the dogs died in the manner in which they died. >> todd and maleisa hughes also addressed the court asking for leniency. >> i'm so sorry this happened. i'm so sorry for these gorgeous dogs i'm so sorry for the pain that we have heard and gone through today. i'm so sorry. >> the judge sentenced the hughes to 60 days in jail each, on top of community service and probationment. >> i was hoping that we would get something better than 23 days. >> 60 days is good. anything better than the 23 days i feel like is successful. >> it's not the outcome anybody in this courtroom wanted.
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dogs back, and the owners of green acres will pay with their freedom. >> and sheriff joe announcing tonight that the hughes will serve their jail sentences in tent city. reporting live, i'm nicole garcia, fox 10 news. maricopa county care and control is changing its policy for putting animals on the kill list, extending the amount of time that stray animals at the center. as a result, animal care and control is now housing over 500 dogs and cats. >> and we are really hoping folks will help out and adopt them out. remember, this isn't just for the weekend. if we want to keep the success going, it needs to be an ongoing thing. >> adoption fees for any dogs are $20, including a rabies
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three months. marcy jones joins us live with details. we have lost so many people this hot, hot summer. >> we really have, and this is such a, such a tragedy, kari. it was employees here at the phoenician resort who heard this young man screaming for help, but unfortunately by the time he reached the phoenician line, he couldn't breathe. that's when they started cpr, but they couldn't save his life. according to firefighters, the 26-year-old man from switzerland was hiking with friends when he got separated from the group. firefighters say the hiker made it down to the property when he stopped breathing, and that's when the resort employees performed cpr on him until rescuers gravid arrived. we are told firefighters used the technical rescue basket, as well as other resources, to take
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condition to the hospital. unfortunately, he didn't survive. rescuers say in many cases being unprepared for arizona elements can cause injuries or death to out-of-towners. >> we get a lot of people, we get a lot of regular hikers who come prepared with the right footwear, plenty of water, if they hike later in the evening or afternoon because it's cooler, they bring flashlights, things like that. but we get just as many if not maybe don't have the mountains that we do and don't really understand what 120 degrees is. one of the signs really should be if you're the only car in the parking lot at 2:00 in the afternoon, it's probably not a good time to hike. >> and we are told that this was not the only mountain rescue of the day. there was one earlier, but this was the only fatality. reporting live, marcy jones, fox 10 news. a two-year-old girl who was pulled from a backyard pool on
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and had no heartbeat when he was pulled from the water. she was rushed to the hospital, placed on a ventilator in critical condition, and today she died. new details in the allegations against this man accused of stealing a briefcase with $2 million in jewelry from drake's concert bus earlier this week. >> after that theft, king somehow got into the dorm at a.s.u.'s barrett honors college, and was caught climbing into the bed of a female student. the community was gated, but police say king was able to get through those gates and convince a student and employee from the front desk to let him enter the building. police say king then entered a woman's bedroom where he climbed into bed and then asked to have sex with her. the student managed to escape unharmed. >> that's really surprising. i mean one of my favorite things
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enclosed community. >> how do things like that happen? >> we do have a lot of people going in and out of entrances. >> he's now facing trespassing charges for being in the dorm, but he's now also facing robbery charges, because police say king stole jewelry from drake's tour bus in the downtown performance earlier this week. >> angry neighbors got together and put a stop to it. the maricopa reentry center was located at i-17 and pinnacle peak road. it opened several months ago and was designed to help sex offenders find a home and job as they transitioned back into society. the sex offenders staying there will now take part in other programs trying to get them help. police officers in ohio capturing an absolutely heartbreaking photo.
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heroin epidemic is coming in the united states. >> we need to warn you up front, the photos you are about to see the photos you are about to see may not be appropriate for everybody in your family, but the messages behind the pictures have been resonating with everyone across the country. the photos show a woman and man passed out in a car with their young child sitting right behind them. the two apparently had overdosed on heroin, according to police. both were given an antidote for heroin overdoses. both survived, and they are now facing several charges, including child endangerment. the little boy now is in state custo custody. >> the liverpool fire department said they felt it was necessary to show the other side of this drug, saying they feel they need to be a voice for the children
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it is time that the nondrug using public see what we are now dealing with on a daily basis. and we even checked in with the arizona department of health about the opioid problem here in our state. it's bad everywhere. the most recent numbers they have are from 2014, and that year 372 people died in arizona from prescription opiates and 180 people died in arizona from heroin overdoses. well, a lot o started your weekend. we are going to join you here in a couple of hours. we'll have your weekend weather coming up. fish lovers, listen up. widespread fraud is plaguing the seafood industry. how you can make sure what you are putting on your table is exactly what you bought. >> plus, she survived the 9/11 attacks. coming up at, we'll speak with a valley woman who recalls what it was like on that terrifying day. >> i was watching people make a
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alive or crushed and leaping to their deaths, and that is the stuff that really haunts me most
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sunday marks the 15th anniversary since the 9/11 terror attacks, september 11t 2001, was the day two hijacked planes slammed into the twin towers of the world trade center, another plane going down in shanksville, virginia. >> and you just saw that spot. >> it's a stirring memorial in shanksville. it's amazing. with this fifteenth anniversary, many in new york, pennsylvania, or the pentagon are reliving those moments.
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of the twin tourist when the first plane hit. and tonight she's talking to fox 10 about her memories from that extremely painful day. september 11th, 2001, started out like any other day for her. she was headed into manhattan and the world trade center was struck. >> so i came out from underground when the first was struck. >> she says many couldn't make sense of what they were seeing. >> this couldn't be intentional. they said it was a small plane. >> but just as it was sinking in that this was more than just a small aircraft, a second jet hit the south tower, and cindy began to realize the magnitude of the situation. >> i think that today somebody would figure out, well, this is an act of terrorism, but this was 2001, and that was unheard of. >> she along with hundreds of
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towers. some from the nearest pay phone began to call loved ones, as others watched with horror as a victim began to fall from the sky. >> and it took a moment to register, because you don't ever think that you're going to see something like this, that those were people. i was watching people make a decision between being burned alive or crushed and leaping to their deaths. and that, that is the stuff that really haunts me most to this day. >> even though it's been 15 years since the attack, that day will always remain fresh in cindy's memory. for her, it's a reminder of one of the darkest days in our country's history, and one of its finest hours. >> this was a day when we saw the ugliest parts of humanity, and we saw the greatest humanity. >> she says many of the people she knows who were with her that day have yet to visit the freedom tower or the 9/11
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painful. for cindy, it took 14 years. last october, she finally visited the site where nearly 3,000 people lost their lives. >> it is very meticulously put together, very well organized, and very respectful. but there was a moment when i walked into the gallery that has th photos of all of the victi victims, and i did choke up. >> cindy says that she is now planning to visit memorial that john saw this summer in shanksville, pennsylvania, where united flight 93 crash. this weekend, however, she has been invited to speak at the hall of flame museum in tempe to remember the victims of the attacks, and that's the firefighter museum. this morning, hundreds of volunteers helped place american flags at the 9/11 memorial at
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anniversary. the memorial is free, open to the public until sunday night. we check in on the cardinals, and the cards kick off their season this sunday as the patriots come to town. but it's not the pats we are used to seeing. oh, yes, quarterback tom brady, out, we all knew that. but gronk is gone to? why gronkowski will be a no-go on sunday, the details coming up later in the show. >> and talk about hanging by thread. if this were your car and you were in it, what would you do? >> i would start screaming. >> screaming. okay. when that doesn't get you out of the car, then what? >> scream some more. louder. >> we are going to tell you how this attempt to get into a parking space turned out like this, i can see that happening to me, and how the driver managed to get out.
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four people survive a plane crash. they're lucky that they were able to survive this. the aircraft nearly missing a home and a business.
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your exclusive accuweather forecast with dave munsey on hi, everybody. it's 95 degrees right now. the winds are out of the west at seven miles an hour. city looking pretty good on a friday night for everybody headed into the weekend. 93 right now in scottsdale, 89 at cave creek, 91 in ahwatukee, and glendale is still 97 degrees. so warm day on the west side. not much going on as far as the radar. you see a little bit of moisture corner, but that's about it. hey, if you're planning on the
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tomorrow. 99 degrees at game time. if you're doing some of that tailgating, it will be about, oh, 102 degrees at 4:00 in the afternoon. for the game. going to be insid- 5:30 is when it starts, but the tailgating temperature at 3:00 p.m. is going to be about the same, 101, 102. as we put the futurecast into motion here, you can see everything kind of flying by as it does. we get you up to saturday without then a little bit of moisture monday in the afternoon. you can see we do have some moisture out there. it will pay us a little visit. 100 degrees at sky harbor, in buckeye, 99, at glendale, 102. another 102 in scottsdale, 100 in chandler at the day, 81 in flagstaff, look at sedona warming up, to 91 degrees today. 103 at yuma. this is your day, 103 on the
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normal high and low. record high 102, record low at 61 degrees. let's take a look here at what we are forecasting. we are going to 103 degrees for tomorrow. you can see some 106s at goodyear, 105 at glendale. on the east side, it comes down a little bit, but it's still in the triple digit rain, 91 at sedona, 108 at lake havasu, make that 84 degrees up at the gra canyon, and 103 in casa grande. look at these overnight lows. aren't these nice? some nice looking 70s, 78 here in the city, 74 at mesa, 78 at deer valley, and nice looking 77s over on the west side. this area over here had some pretty good storms on the day today, a lot of lightning in there as well. you can see still getting some pretty good active weather, and then that stuff has been moving up into the lower great lakes as
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inches in the last 24 hours, that's in wichita, and then you get over here to st. louis, that's an inch and a half there. and they had about a quarter of an inch up in minneapolis, and in omaha just shy of an inch. some pretty heavy rain out of that one storm system, and and then you can see where the storm system is, there's about a ten-degree difference in the north side of the storm down to the south side of the storm as well. taking a look here at the overni 103 degrees, and then 78 degrees overnight. we'll be looking at 101 on sunday, and then back into the 90s with some storm forecasts in there as well. watch your kids around water. coming up in the next half hour of fox 10 news, several companies are now coming under fire for mocking the tragedy of 9/11. major developments surrounding the construction of a north dakota pipeline, why the federal government is now stepping in.
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the valley designed to honor our vets is vandalized. next, how a local company is donating its time to help it get back out on the streets. z23eqz zvpz y23eqy yvpy ? ? ?
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it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. you're watching fox 10 news with john hook and kari lake in hd. it's scary, take a look at the aftermath, a small plane crashes just after takeoff from the wickenburg airport, the plane barely missing a home and the people inside. >> this could have ended so badly. the aircraft went down in the
9:31 pm
plane survived. they were injured, though. the crash happening just after 7:00 this morning. the plane had mechanical troubles right after takeoff, and then it crashes about a quarter mile away from the airport. the tail of the plane ended up in a family's yard. >> i heard it, a noise coming over the office real close, and i knew it was an airplane. all of a sudden i heard a bang. pretty much it was our lucky day, because it was -- it looked like it was aiming right for the house. >> two couples were on board the plane. fred and linda galliano and patrick and linda brewster. they had to be cut out of the aircraft. they were taken to phoenix hospital with serious injuries. the cause of the crash is under investigation. the driver of this car also very lucky, and you have got to ask, how in the world does a car even end up in a situation like that? the person was trying to pull into a parking spot, but the car
9:32 pm
the top floor of the parking garage. this was in austin, texas, and then the car got caught in some barricade wiring which kept it from falling. it kind of tethered it to the side of the building. the 24-year-old driver then got out of the car. he climbed out safely. people were amazed. and firefighters now are working to get the car down safely as well. that's a brave 24-year-old, that's for sure. well, we are learning more about yesterday's shooting involving border patrol agents at the port of nogales. attempted to approach a suspicious pickup truck that was bound for mexico. they say the driver saw them and instead of stopping and talking to them, he hit the gas, speeding right at them, so the agents drew their weapons and they fired. the driver a 26-year-old mexican national was shot numerous times. we are told he is in a tuscon hospital in stable condition. his 16-year-old passenger is in border patrol custody after being questioned. the shooting shut down part of
9:33 pm
today, however, it is back open. a developing story out of north dakota where a federal judge denies a request by a native american tribe to halt construction on the dakota access pipeline, but three government agency now have stepped in. the justice and interior departments and the army asked the crews to voluntarily pause work on an area where the standing rock sioux tribe says there are sacred artifacts. activists have been trying to protest at the site to block the pipeline project from moving forward. in addition to is sacred grounds they are worried that water in the area would be harmed. the pipeline would carry mile for 1,200 miles into north dakota, south dakota, and into an existing pipeline in iowa. >> now it's time for us to
9:34 pm
>> i encourage everyone to demonstrate access against the dakota pipeline project to do so in a respectful and lawful way. >> when the feds intervened today, they said the issue highlights the need for nationwide reforms on infrastructure projects. the judge's ruling is expected to be challenged. this wasn't just any vehicle. >> it was an ambulance that had honor military veterans, and tonight the owner wants to know why someone would want to destroy it. >> that was a very stupid move. you know, it's very inconsidera inconsiderate, very thoughtless. >> the owner of emergency veterans medical response, providing medical services at big events. >> a lot of us are firefighters,
9:35 pm
>> last night he says his truck was vandalized in the parking lot of a shopping center near 67th avenue and deer valley road. it appears someone used a torch to burn off and melt the wrap around the truck. >> i have got anger, sadness, where do we go from here. >> fixing the damage won't be cheep. the entire truck will have to be rewrapped, cost around $5,500. but for him, about money. >> my daughter texted me this morning, telling me she was in tears. my wife, my mom, my sister, everybody that knows what we have done to get to where we are at. we dedicate ourselves to helping strangers, and as e.m.s. personnel and to be there for people when people are at their worst, why would you target an ambulance? >> courier is checking with buiness owners in the area hoping that the suspects may
9:36 pm
the case. a local company, called desert signs, has offered to design and cover the costs of the new wrap for that ambulance. davis-monthan air force base in southern arizona has been selected as one of five finalists to receive a new drone unit. that's according to the "arizona daily star." the drone pilots would remotely operate mq9 reaper drones. the other contention to get the drone are in georgia, south carolina, idaho and nebraska. still ahead tonight, a massive recall from general motors, why the auto maker is taking back 4 million vehicles. and have you heard about the new empire inspired makeup line? the actress who plays cookie is teaming up with mac to launch the new products, but you might have to wait awhile if you want to try them out.
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fox 10 news is back. you like seafood. i mean, occasionally. >> yeah, i -- >> you prefer beef, right? >> i do. i do. >> we eat fish a few times a week, but i always know what i'm eating. >> how are your mercury levels? >> probably sky high. i'm going to keel over any second. be careful when you're ordering fish. when i see salmon, i know it's salmon. >> but there is fraud, widespread fraud plaguing the seafood industry, one in five
9:41 pm
negative. oceana looked at 250 countries for their report, discovering seafood fraud in chains worldwide. many samples were species which could cause health problems. >> more than 50% of the studies had a species specific health risk, whether it's concerns with antibiotics in farmed salmon, whether it's an allergen risk, or whether there's something like a fish that you're eating that can actually make you sick. >> not to mention ill-tempered sea bass. all right. others say the fish fraud issue is extremely serious, and many times in the mislabeling of fish could be a restaurant or a company's cheap and simple way of marketing. >> so you take something like the pat gonian tooth fish, which if somebody saw that at their fishmong
9:42 pm
bass and it flies off the shelve. >> i fall for that every time. >> those in the industry say that they would like an element of traceability. >> that would be nice. >> information on what the fish is, where it was caught, how it was caught, allowing both the supplies and the consumer to follow the fish from the water to the plate. it sounds nice but i to hold my breath. >> i think that's going on a lot. i actually do. general motors recalling about 4 million vehicles around the world to fix an airbag defect linked to one death. the recall, the company says, in rare cases the cars can go into test mode and the front airbags won't inflate in a crash and the seat belts may not function, so
9:43 pm
a volkswagen engineer pleading guilty to fraud in the emissions scandal. they were cheating. do you remember this. a man allegedly allowed engines in certain vehicles to cheat in the emissions tests. a possible interest rate hike has investors taking a hike, the dow on friday, its biggest one day drop since june, a federal official indicating a hike could be coming sooner than later. >> prices down for the 9th straight day, a gallon of regular unleaded going to cost $.18. >> the consumer product safety commission is urging anyone with
9:44 pm
off, stop using them. batteries can burn when they are being charged up. it looks like more people might be leaving their heart in san francisco, because according to a new resort from the real estate website zillow, the city is the most popular housing market for searches from nonresidents looking to make a home. >> you search for a home in san francisco, and then you realize you can never afford >> maybe you are searching just to realize, wow, that is expensive up there. taraji p. henson's makeup line selling out -- revealed on instagram it was sold out before her own mother could buy any of the products. heavenly news for fans of
9:45 pm
fox has ordered 17th and 18th seasons of the cooking series, now looking for chefs and line cooks with several years of experience. open casting calls begin on monday with casting calls in new york, los angeles, and atlanta. not everyone so excited about the nfl season. why some people want you to boycott the nfl. >> i don't know about that, that's going to be a tough sell on the opening weekend of the nfl. plus a new concern being ve rless cars, one that you may not have considered. we are talking about it up next in the buzz. phoenix is gorgeous! warm weather, blue skies, the sonoran desert. and what's better than doing something amazing in my city? doing it for free! hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is keeping phoenix in motion with fun, free, cultural events for you and your friends. discover the stress relief of our drum circles
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believe... companies are using the it's hard to believe, companies are using the 9/11 terror attacks to sell their products. >> very tacky, and there are few like this mattress store that are coming under fire for taking things way too far. take a look at this ad. >> what better way to remember 9/11 than with the twin tower sell. >> full mattress. >> twin price. >> queen mattress? >> twin price. store-wide sale all day long. we'll never forget. >> i think i have a pretty good sense of humor. >> that's a put on. this isn't real. this is not real. it is totally a put on.
9:49 pm
as you can imagine, many people horrified when they saw that ad. just distasteful. it didn't take long for the ad to spread across the internet. >> with this commercial we never meant to hurt anybody or do any wrong. we are very sorry about everything, and we wish we never did it. >> come on. are you serious? nobody can be that clueless. >> that dimwitted? yeah, you know, you never see pearl harbor mattress sales. maybe they are thinking, hey, you can see memorial day sales, maybe we do a 9/11 sale. i don't know. i'm trying to get into the mind of a mad person, and i don't know if you can do that. but we are learning that the story -- >> i don't think you should try. >> hey, wait a minute. in san antonio texas, employees of the store were receiving death threats because of that really tacky, distasteful commercial. >> i don't condone that either, but that's really over the top.
9:50 pm
talk about the stories that people are talking about. >> and first up, the nfl weekend, trending today on the social media is the #boycottnfl. are you wondering when this is all about? growing number of people upset about the protests led by san francisco 49ers player kaepernick, during the preseason game refusing to stand during the there's word that the seahawks may boycott the anthem during their first game. >> that sounds like the seahawks to me. >> i think that's a tough thing to sell to the american people. >> i'm not going to go there, i'm not going let a few guys who i may not agree with take me out of the football season.
9:51 pm
they are doing. >> first amendment right. >> and as you said, you have the right to call them out on it too. >> which i have, on my facebook page, go there. >> yeah, so there you go. >> i will be watching the cardinals, and i have a really good feeling they will not pull any of that stuff on 9/11. >> i don't think we'll see it. driverless cars are almost certainly a part of our future. but some drivers are raising concerns that you may not have thought about. they say some drivers could forget this could lead to accidents and delays. >> i thought this story was going to be about how this will change aggressive driving. you can give the one finger salute, but it has zero effect. >> but it makes you feel better. >> it always makes you feel better. sometimes i give the one fingered salute down by the door so people can't see it.
9:52 pm
do to you sometimes. they go around the counter, like -- >> my kids? yours maybe, surely not mine, john. when the honeymoon phase is over, married couples are bound to fight at some point. this wedding gift out of michigan said wait until your first big disagreement. they waited and waited and opened up it. inside, it read, get a pizza, shrimp, or something you both like, get a bath ready, you know where this is going. >> love this. >> and the other note said buy flowers and a bottle of wine. that was for the groom. and basically it was kind of instructions on how to make up after your first disagreement. they didn't open it for nine years. it has gone viral. i love that wedding gift. >> that is cool. >> that is my new wedding gift whenever i go to a wedding.
9:53 pm
couple, and obviously they have got something figured out. >> they had minor disagreemnts, always managed to work them out. that box loomed over. >> it reminds me of the couple on the screen, it looks like we are going to prom. >> 16 years? 17 years? i can't even remember. it's been bliss the whole time. it's your turn to chime in. we never fight. >> very rarely actually. but when we do, >> knock down, drag out. >> that does look like a prom picture. you guys make a pretty good couple. we have got a couple of good games on the schedule this sunday. including the cardinals and the patriots. gronk, though, not going to address, oh, boy, we have got
9:54 pm
z23eoz zvpz
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you're watching fox s in hd. it's finally here. the regular season in the nfl kicked off last night, but this weekend is when the fun really starts, a full slate of games, and yes, that includes the arizona cardinals. the cards host the patriots. get ready to see a lot of this guy, david johnson. the second year running back for the cardinals, poised for a big year. he's the featured back now. johnson burst on to the scene last year. this guy is a touchdown scoring machine, oh, yes, he's he's big,
9:57 pm
catch the ball too. he had his breakout game in philly last year. oh, when what a difference a year makes for david johnson. >> what a way to start the year. it's opening day, you guys are on prime time, taking on a time like the patriots, a lot of hoopla going on. >> yeah, definitely a perfect scenario, for our first game, like you said, a team like the patriots, sunday night football, with all of the hype going on with our team and their team like it's going to be a great game to watch. >> we are not done with the cardinals stuff just yet. patriots tight-end, rob gronkowski, the gronk is out. gronkowski, the best tight end out there, hands down. yes, this is a major loss for
9:58 pm
brady. good luck with that, patriots. we have got the action, plus live reports right after the game right here on fox 10. we have got you covered, football fans. i'm telling you, it's going to be a great day. check out our fox nfl game plan, not one but two games on the schedule, packers-jaggers, giants and cowboys, that one always a shootout. the college kids back in action tomorrow, the texas red rangers looking to run the ball just like last week. both mario richards and ballage can take it to the house at any point, feeding off each other, motiving each other after they make a big play. >> it's like wrestling around here. it's like a tag team. so it's like, all right, my turn. next thing you know, tag nick
9:59 pm
now we even have manny in the trio. it's like aing ta team wrestling match with us. all right, we switch gears and take baseball, bumgarner on the mound, pollock at the plate, shot to center, easy out, but watch pollock as he rounds the base, his face says it all, he pull with wincing in pain. he leaves the game. tough break for him. shot to left, laser, see you, wouldn't want to be you. chris owings shot to center, i got it, i got it, you don't got it. chris owings trying to score an
10:00 pm
the plate. he is out. we do it again at 10:00, an update on the cardinals, the first real game of the season for the cardinals, plus the patriots are shorthanded big time. but that's later. right now it's back with the news crew. the latest on the gilbert 23 trial. the owners of a boarding facility where almost two-dozen dogs died will be spending months behind bars. and a hiker dies after becoming separated from his tonight. plus, later in the broadcast, a.p.s. fighting a subpoena to release its political spending during an election. what the power company did today. and good evening again, everybody. thanks for joining us for fox 10 news at 10:00. it was an emotional day in court as a judge hands down a sentence in the gilbert 23 case, where


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